The main objectives of the Concord BB-BEE Plan are:
  • To increase the number of black people, including black women and other vulnerable groups such as those with disabilities, workers and the youth, who directly own and control private enterprises;
  • To eliminate and discourage the practice of token ownership on the part of blacks and whites alike, otherwise commonly referred to as fronting;
  • To set acceptable targets for levels of membership interest by black people and other staff in Concord.
  • To put in place collective ownership through co-operatives, equity mechanisms and other similar structures; and
  • To encourage BEE compliance of the business’ suppliers.

Within the Concord Cranes Group BEE ratings vary between level 3 and level 4.

Concord is mindful of its BB-BEE compliance obligations as well as its equally important obligations to all stakeholders to unlock value through BB-BEE.

AngloV3 BEE Certificate