We (Brecht Equipment and Supplies) has worked with Concord Crane Hire at Tschudi Acid Project for a period of approximately 2 months (Oct-Dec 2014)
We experienced their services as outstanding, pricing very competitive and any problems that arose, were paid attention to immediately.
Concord Cranes also has a wide variety capacity cranes and we can recommend them to any company who may wish to acquire there services.

Concord Crane Hire Namibia was the sole supplier of cranes for the construction of our new Tschudi mine in Tsumeb.
We had a total of 5 cranes from Concord at any given time on site. On average at least 4 cranes were in operation each day as required.
We found there service to be first class and never experienced any problem at all.
The staff of Concord Cranes from management to the crane operator was always courteous and extremely professional.
Johan and his staff were always willing to go the extra mile and ensure that the work was carried out promptly and safely.
Concord Crane Hire Namibia certainly would be my first choice when I need to hire in cranes again or on any project I undertake.

Elcon Crane Hire is our service provider for many many years, their service to us excellent and prompt and reliable. They also assist us after normal working hours, weekends and holidays.
Their team is part of our success story.

Pat Singh – Tongaat Hulett Refinery
Fabrication and Rigging Services Foreman

The service received from the Elcon Crane team has been exceptional throughout the year, and in some cases have gone out of the way to accommodate our needs in an emergency.

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