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As a team of professionals in the field of mobile crane hire and rigging services, we provide a 24 hour service 7 days a week.

We will advise on the correct equipment and procedures, and offer the most economical and cost effective solution for awkward and special applications.

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Concord Cranes Group

The Concord Cranes Group including Concord AngloV3, Concord Castle, Concord Elcon and Concord Namibia, are a foremost and respected provider of compliant, customised and comprehensive lifting solutions in Southern Africa. Through integrity and foresight Concord Cranes fosters loyal, life-long partnerships which ensures integrated, tailored, high-quality and safe lifting excellence for our clients in Southern Africa.

Concord’s full-spectrum range of mobile cranes has proved to be a masterful tool in managing lifts in tight confines, especially for applications in the Cellular, Civil, Construction, Engineering, Film Production Assistance, Mining, Petro-chemical, Ports, Steel and Wind Farms sectors where manoeuvrability and high reach are important considerations.

Our equipment and machines have afforded great success in difficult off-road locations (rough terrain cranes), while being capable of moving safely and efficiently on busy urban roads (truck cranes and all terrain cranes). Our fleet capabilities and operator experience lend themselves to Concord being able to claim leadership in the field of bridge beam erection, especially the Eastern Cape where we lifted a record number of bridge beams lifted in one day/night shift.

All our lifting projects and solutions are enhanced and complimented through meticulous preparation, planning and CAD-based rigging studies.

Also operating in the Eastern Cape as part of the Concord Cranes group is our Material Handling Logistics (MHL) business, a heavy transport, logistics and broking company specialising in the planning and transporting of heavy and oversized freight throughout the country.

Our comprehensive services include:

Delivery Models

  • Contract Work: (Long term)
  • Jobbing Work: (Short term)
  • Special Technical Requirements

Value-Added Services

  • CAD-based Rigging Studies