Abnormal load escorts

What is the Purpose of Abnormal Load Escorts

When heavy loads or large, abnormal items and products need to be transported, it is not advisable to try and take on the task on your own. There are many different elements to transporting abnormal, heavy loads including permits and necessary paperwork, and the need for an abnormal load escort to help transport the goods safely and efficiently.

Concord Cranes offer specialised abnormal load transport services which include abnormal load escort vehicles as well as trucks and trailers for a range of requirements. Let’s learn more about abnormal load escorts now; what they are, why they are important, and how to know what type of escort vehicle is right for your needs.

What is an Abnormal Load Escort?

An abnormal load escort vehicle is one that accompanies and guides a vehicle carrying an abnormal load, such as an oversized or overweight load, on public roads. In our world, it would be transporting a wind blade from port to wind farm. Abnormal loads are those that exceed the standard weight, height, or width restrictions for vehicles on the road.

The role of the abnormal load escort is to ensure the safety of both the load and other road users. They are responsible for guiding the abnormal load through any potential obstacles or hazards on the route, as well as ensuring that the load remains secure and stable during transport. Abnormal load escorts may also be required to liaise with local authorities, police, and other relevant organizations to obtain necessary permits and plan the route. 

The Different Types of Escort Vehicles for Abnormal Loads

There are many different types of vehicles that can be used when transporting an abnormal load and it all depends on the size, weight, and mode of transport of the load. It also depends on how far the load is travelling, how the load will be travelling, and what the sensitivity of the load is as well.

The most common types of escorts for abnormal loads include;

  • Cars – standard cars and bakkies are generally used as escort vehicles at the front and back of the load
  • Driver – an experienced and professional driver is used to actually drive the truck and trailer on which the abnormal load is on 
  • Pilot & Planes – sometimes a pilot and helicopter or small plane are used to keep track of and escort the abnormal load on the journey especially if the load is highly sensitive
  • Drones – many transport companies also make use of drones as part of the escort vehicle party to keep a virtual eye on the transportation project.

The Importance of Abnormal Load Vehicles When Transporting Abnormal Loads

Abnormal load escort is an important service that ensures the safe and efficient transportation of oversized or overweight cargo on public roads. When a load exceeds the standard size or weight limits, it can pose a risk to public safety if not properly managed.

Here are the main purposes and important benefits of using an experienced abnormal load escort company, like Concord Cranes when you have an abnormal load to transport:

#1 – Specialised Vehicles

Abnormal load escorts include one or more escort vehicles that travel along with the abnormal load which is usually carried on a truck and abnormal load trailer. The vehicles usually travel in front and behind the truck and trailer and ensure high visibility and traffic safety on route.

#2 – Expert Drivers

An abnormal load escort provides a trained and experienced escort vehicle driver to accompany the load, as well as route planning, traffic management, and communication with relevant authorities. The escort driver is responsible for ensuring that the load is transported safely and in compliance with all regulations and guidelines.

#3 – Ensure Highest Safety Standards

The importance of abnormal load escort cannot be overstated, as it helps to prevent accidents, damage to infrastructure, and disruption to traffic flow. 

#4 – Ensures Load Arrives On Time and Intact

The abnormal load escort also ensures that the load reaches its destination on time and without incident, which is particularly important for time-sensitive cargo such as heavy machinery, construction materials, and wind turbine components.

In summary, the abnormal load escort is a crucial service that helps to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of oversized or overweight cargo on public roads. 

Why Choose Concord Cranes For All Your Abnormal Load Transport Requirements?

Now that you’re aware of the importance and purpose of having an abnormal load escort as well as the additional factors that go in hand with transporting an abnormal load – such as permits, road closures, pilot monitoring, movement of obstacles, redirecting of traffic etc – it’s easy to see how important it is to choose a specialised transportation company, like Concord Cranes, to get this highly-technical project don as safely as possible. 

Concord Cranes is equipped to offer clients a complete abnormal load transport and logistics solution for the transporting, lifting or relocating of heavy, bulk and oversized freight. 

For more information on our turnkey solutions and specialised services, or to get a quote, contact Concord Cranes today.

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