Technical CAD Drawings for Heavy Lifting

Concord Cranes offers CAD drawings to get your heavy lifting industrial project started. We offer a wide range of CAD drawing services to suit your every need, no matter the size or scale of your project.

Our team of highly qualified CAD designers are passionate about creating the most specific heavy equipment lifting plan for your project. With our expertise, you can be sure that your lifting needs will be taken care of.

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What are Heavy Equipment CAD Drawings?

CAD, otherwise known as computer-aided design, are technical drawings that can be created for a variety of areas within construction and engineering projects. When it comes to heavy equipment projects, CAD drawings would be used to create a visual picture of what is needed for a specific project where heavy equipment is used.

CAD drawings will illustrate what equipment is needed and how it will be used from start to finish. CAD drawing templates can be created in a variety of views including 2D and 3D. A project’s specifications and requirements will determine what the CAD drawings will need to illustrate at various stages.

How do CAD Drawing Plans Work for Heavy Equipment?

There are two main types or views of CAD drawings for heavy equipment, also known as mobile crane lifting plan drawings.

  • 2D CAD Drawings
    These are the basic flat development drawings which have a side view and top view of the equipment, plan, and lift requirements. 2D CAD drawings are normally sufficient for manufacturing projects.
  • 3D CAD Drawings
    3D drawings are more detailed and offer a better illustration of what is needed in a heavy lift crane project. The 3D view provides more details and includes a better view of obstructions and possible collisions.

What are CAD Drawings Used for in Mobile Crane Lifting?

When it comes to rigging plans for heavy lifting, CAD drawings are also used to provide rigging details of the equipment needed to attach the load to the hook of the crane and other lifting devices.

CAD drawings show the details of the crane and the configuration to be used. The CAD drawing provides the details and illustrations of how the lift will take place and where the crane is positioned including where the load is before and after lift.

Where to Get Heavy Equipment Lifting CAD Drawing Plans?

If you’re looking for a  turnkey solution and mobile crane services for specialised projects in the rigging, transport, logistics, and renewable energy sectors, chat to our specialists at Concord Cranes. We offer a range of technical services like CAD technical drawings and lifting plans for a variety highly-specialised projects.

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What is a CAD drawing?

CAD stands for computer-aided design and is a specialised technical drawing created in the CAD design program.

Why are CAD drawing services important for heavy lifting?

CAD drawings are used to create a visual picture of what is needed for a specific project where heavy equipment is used.

How can CAD drawing services assist my mobile crane business?

CAD drawings can create a mobile crane lifting plan which can help you execute your customers projects flawlessly and with precision.

How much do CAD drawing services cost to do heavy-lifting equipment drawing plans?

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