Concord Cranes

Proudly presents

Clarens Mountain Matha Trail Run

3 & 4 OCTOBER 2020

Clarence Mountain Matha


Concord Cranes is a mobile crane hire company specialising in the supply of mobile cranes, rigging services, heavy lift and specialised transport solutions to Africa. Borne from the unity of six well established brands, our business operations represent experience and wisdom. Today, Concord Cranes proudly boasts a fleet of over 180 cranes ranging from 7 – 750T, extendable trailers reaching up to 54m in length and a tailor-made turnkey solution for any freight needing to be moved from point A to point Z.

We are a company built on a legacy of family values, passion and determination and strive to be one of the leading mobile crane companies in the country, servicing SA and Africa at large.

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Our full spectrum range of mobile cranes and mobile crane services offer excellence in manoeuvrability and high reach capabilities. Our teams and cranes have tackled an array of projects, ranging from ports, wind farms and petrochemical plants to civil, commercial, construction, power & generation and SMP projects.

All-Terrain Cranes

These cranes can operate on construction sites or in built-up urban areas. They offer excellent manoeuvrability capabilities with independent suspension and are suited for both low and high-speed travel.

Truck Cranes

Operating in diverse geographical areas, these cranes are comparable to All Terrain Cranes but are more cost-effective in terms of on-road travel.

Rough Terrain Cranes

Negotiating rough landscapes like a 4×4 vehicle, these cranes have a low travel speed but offer highly effective pick-and-carry features which are essential in most construction sites.

Heavy Lift Solutions

Our range of heavy lifting solutions include cranes from these specialist brands:

  • Liebherr
  • Terex
  • Grove


If you’re looking for a company that can offer you a complete turnkey solution that includes mobile crane hire, rigging services, heavy lift and specialised transport solutions then get in touch with one of our specialists to assist you further.

Concord Cranes – A relentless passion for precision; providing trust with every service, for every client.

We love what we do and excellence is what will keep us going; striving for greater in all that we do. Our team focuses on building trust with our customers and making sure each experience with us is a satisfying one. We bring our core values of loyalty, integrity, foresight and excellence into everything that we do,ensuring that we provide our clients with the right service offering, time and again.

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