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Across Africa, mobile cranes are used in a range of construction, industrial, mining and agricultural sectors. These industries share one thing in common – they all want equipment and machinery that is robust, dependable and of excellent quality.

We specialise in offering mobile cranes for hire in Southern Africa. We have established a powerful network across Southern Africa and we continuously aim to cement our position in the construction industry. Should you require industrial mobile cranes or cranes, please get in touch with our crane specialists to ensure we offer the right crane for your requirements.

Contact us on 011 805 8071 or email us now for more information on cranes, services and any crane related equipment.

Mobile Cranes Rental

Boasting a fleet of over 180 cranes ranging from 7T – 750T,Concord Cranes offers you a full spectrum range of cranes (All Terrain, Rough Terrain and Truck Mount) that have worked a multitude of projects. Experience includes project work in industries such as petrochemical, civil, commercial, construction, ports and wind farms,power and generation as well as SMP projects.

‍Whether youneed a mobile crane inSouth Africa or acrane in Namibia, our promise is provide you with the right crane,time and again.

Types of Mobile Cranes for Hire:

The machines in our All-Terrain range can operate easily on both wide-open construction sites and even in built-up urban areas. They can manoeuvre excellently and can travel at both low and high-speeds.

These cranes are able to navigate the toughest of construction sites and landscapes and operate best at low speeds. They are robust and can pick-and-carry large loads as needed on most civil engineering sites.

Through these specialist brands, we can offer you a complex and dynamic solution for any material handling and structure relocation


  • LTM 1750 – 9.1
  • LTM 1400 – 7.1
  • LTM 1300 – 6.2
  • LTM 1250 – 6.1 (x2)


  • AC 500 – 2
  • AC 250 – 1


  • GMK5250L

What is a mobile crane?

A mobile crane is a lifting machine used in construction and industrial sites designed to assist in managing lifts whether it’s raising or lowering needed. Often these lifts can be in tight confines, where manoeuvrability and high reach are important considerations.

How do mobile cranes work?

Mobile cranes are easily transportable to site where they can start operating immediately with little setup or assembly, depending on the specs of the job. They have also been built to have excellent turning and heavy lifting capabilities and some have the capacity to lift loads of more than 750T. Meticulous preparation, load testing, lifting plans and highly qualified crane specialists and riggers are crucial to the success of any mobile crane job, no matter the magnitude of the job.


  • ISO 45001:2018
  • RTMS
  • ECSA – LME (Lifting Machine Entity leverage)


We have a distinct purpose and passion for what we do. We work together 24/7 to ensure trust with every rental. Should you be looking for mobile cranes hire South Africa, please let one of our crane specialists assist you further.

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