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On the toughest of job sites, one thing is certain – you want a crane truck that can lift the heaviest of loads and offer you the most cost-effective features at the same time. Having the right truck crane for the job is crucial to effective and safe lifting. 

Concord’s range of truck crane fleet is equipped with over 30 cranes which range from 20T to 110T.

  • Standard truck chassis saves time and money
  • Crane mounted onto truck body means it can travel longer distances, faster
  • Compact with great mobility
  • Used mainly on construction sites for lifting, locating or restructuring heavy loads

Crane Truck Rental Services

What is a truck crane?

A Truck Crane (also known as a truck mounted crane or crane trucks) is similar to an all-terrain crane except that they are designed as cranes that are mounted onto a truck body, making them more accessible on-road with the ability to travel longer distances, faster. Truck cranes work just like most other mobile cranes in that a cantilevered arm or boom has the ability to lift and move heavy loads and be extended if possible too.

Crane trucks are designed to lift heavy loads. They are often used at construction sites, where they can be used to move large pieces of machinery or assemble building components. Trucks that feature truck cranes are commonly referred to as ‘truck mounted cranes’. Not all crane trucks are the same. It’s important to understand what makes them unique, how they work, and why they’re necessary if you plan on working with or around them.

What are truck cranes used for?

Crane trucks are most often used for engineering purposes on construction sites, when the lifting of large objects and materials are needed. However, they are also used often in the importing and exporting of cargo, vehicles, and other load-moving sectors which require the relocation or restructuring of heavy objects.

Cranes are an essential part of the construction industry, but crane trucks have many uses that go far beyond construction sites. From transporting materials to building towers, cranes are unique pieces of equipment that can be used in a variety of ways

How much can a truck crane lift?

When determining the lifting capacity of a crane truck, it all depends on which make and model of crane you choose to hire. In our range of truck cranes, the lifting capacity is between 2.5 to 16 tonnes. At Concord Cranes, we recommend asking one of our crane specialists about the services you require and the capacities you need to be able to lift, and they will be able to recommend the right crane for you.

How much is a truck crane?

Whether you are looking for a mobile truck crane rental solutions in South Africa or even for a range of heavy lifting solutions, our team will gladly assist in finding you a truck crane for hire that fits your needs and budget. We strive to ensure that all of our clients trust us to provide the right crane and the right equipment to meet their needs, deadline and budget.

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We have a distinct purpose and passion for what we do. We work together 24/7 to ensure trust with every rental. Should you be looking for truck cranes to rent, please let one of our crane specialists assist you further.

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