Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions


Turnkey Solutions

At Concord Cranes, our comprehensive turnkey solutions are aimed to minimise supplier touch points and reduce as many risks as possible. These turnkey solutions can be tailored to your unique project requirements. Our turnkey services include mobile crane hire, rigging, heavy lifting and specialised transport solutions; all of which enable us to transport, relocate or lift any freight requirements, from point A to point Z. In addition to Concord’s service offering, we’re equipped to provide any required industrial equipment to site that includes telehandlers, lighting towers, forklifts and MEWP’s.

We take on a multi-faceted approach to our turnkey solution so that our clients don’t have to manage numerous suppliers throughout the duration of the project. This provides a more effective, simplified and efficient approach to a project. 

Cranes Turnkey Services

Market-leading industrial clients trust us to deliver world-class mobile crane turnkey services. Our equipment offering, backed by a team of experienced industry experts enable the provision of an accurately planned, low risk and simplified turnkey solution that is effective. 

Our full-service offering includes:

  • Meticulous preparation and planning
  • Comprehensive project management
  • In-depth route surveying and route modifications 
  • Online tracking of road freight
  • Nationwide storage facilities (including port storage)
  • Bespoke transport solutions (abnormal loads and general cargo)
  • Mobile crane hire (fleet: 7T to 750T)
  • CAD-based rigging studies and lifting plans
  • Access to industrial equipment (forklifts, lighting towers, telehandlers, MEWP’s etc) 
  • Technical and specialist support teams available 24/7
  • Official safety files
  • No cost implications for delays in delivery to site (subject to use of our cranes & transport)
  • Access to market leading industrial companies, specialist human capital and industrial resources through our holding company

Email us now for more information on our turnkey solutions which can be tailored to your unique project requirements. 

Offering a Turnkey Solutions throughout Southern Africa

What crane turnkey solutions does Concord Cranes offer?

Concord’s experienced team of professionals, resources and equipment enable us to offer a multi-faceted industrial solution that can be tailored according to unique project requirements. 

Our specialised team will unpack each facet of project into its significant parts and meticulously plan each step of the process with expert precision. Taking into account risk, time, budget and of course safety, at all times.

Included in our turnkey industrial solutions:

Rigging Services

If you need any rigging, material handling or structure relocation, then we’ve got the equipment and experienced team for just that. We are experienced in offering tailor-made rigging services to clients for projects that are both simple and complex in nature.

Find out more about our Rigging Services now.

Specialised Transport/Logistics

Concord Cranes is equipped to offer clients specialised transport and logistics services. We can transport, lift, or relocate abnormal loads like heavy, bulk and oversized freight both within South Africa and its provinces, and throughout Southern Africa. Our team is experienced in understanding the intricate details and high risks involved in specialised abnormal load transport and will take the utmost of care in executing all your transport requirements with focus, accuracy and efficiency. 

Find out more about our Specialised Transport & Logistics Services now.

Renewable Energy Transport

At Concord Cranes, we are geared to supporting the renewable energy sector, most specifically the wind energy sector, by providing resources to transport abnormal loads (such as wind blades), cranes to provide heavy lift capabilities and any other industrial equipment needed – lighting towers, telehandlers, forklifts and the like. Our cranes are also provided to assist with turbine gearbox services. 

Find out more about our Renewable Energy Transport Services now.

Where to find crane turnkey solutions for your next operation?

There is nothing more frustrating than having to piece a solution together using various suppliers and managing numerous logistics, permits, time schedules etc. 

Concord Cranes offers the complete turnkey solution that is tailored to your exact project requirements and has the experienced team to manage execute the solution professionally and with accuracy. The services we offer are executed with precision, enlisting the services of our specialised and experienced team of experts each time.

We are a company focused on providing the right equipment for your project, with the right team to execute. Our values are four-fold: loyalty, foresight, integrity and excellence. We work together with each client, understanding their project needs as accurately as possible. We aim to earn the trust of our clients by living up to our promise of service excellence, and we are always striving to be the best.

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