Loads Transport

Loads Transport

Concord Cranes is equipped to offer clients a complete abnormal loads transport and logistics solution for the transporting, lifting or relocating of heavybulk and oversized freight.

Our Port Elizabeth and Saldanha Bay branches are located close to ports of entry and are equipped to handle the receipt of imported turbine components. We have access to extensive port storage.

Abnormal Load Transport

What is Abnormal Loads Transport?

Abnormal loads transports can be known as the transportation of heavy machinery, objects or oversized loads that are beyond the legal limit in both weight and dimension. Abnormal transport is a delicate process that requires special attention and strict regulations. These types of cargo/loads transported often have an escort requirement, which ensures their safety on roads and also of other drivers.

Abnormal transport can include transportation of heavy machinery, cranes, green energy equipment, and many more. These heavy objects are transported to a site or location in which they will be stored or assembled for use i.e transporting wind turbines across the country to a farm where they will be installed.

Abnormal Transport Services

Our heavy equipment transport services provide access to multi-axle extendable trailers that extend to 57m in length. These trailers can carry the most abnormal freight such as wind blades, tower sections, nacelles, risers and drill pipes. Whether it’s wind turbine components, generators, or risers – we’ve got the right equipment to move most things.

Our trailer’s capabilities include: 

  • Extension of 54m in length 
  • Travel speed of 80km/hour 
  • 18.6m loading length 
  • 52 800kg pay load 
  • Multi-axle capabilities

How does abnormal load transportation work?

Abnormal load transport is expensive and high risk and therefore the correct transport equipment and an experienced team is of crucial importance.

Concord Cranes not only provides the correct resources to move the freight, we also manage the flow of freight from point of origin to point of final destination. Difficult challenges, changing requirements and the pressure of deadlines is the reality and our team of experts undertake the process of ensuring that the moving of freight is done in the right time, in the right condition, to the right place, at the right cost.

Our team’s first priority will be an in-depth route survey in order to: 

  • Identify all obstructions and intersections 
  • Arrange civil work for all route modifications 
  • Organise transport assistance for all abnormal load transportation 

Once the route survey as been completed and modified, the rest of the transportation process can begin, and this generally involves: 

  • Component handling and port storage 
  • Abnormal load transportation on modified routes 
  • Mobile cranes available to ensure lift capabilities of between 7T- 750T 
  • CAD based rigging studies to ensure precision and accuracy in all lifts
  • Offloading, prepopulating & erecting of tower sections 

Best practice for heavy equipment transport.

Concord Cranes full-service solution and industry experience ensures best practice is in place for every heavy equipment and abnormal load transport job. 

As part of our meticulous planning and preparation, our team of specialists conduct a full analysis of project requirements and always consider the risk, safety measures, time and budget when planning the transportation of each abnormal load transport. 

At the centre of our culture, lies a relentless passion for precision; providing trust through our experience, for every client.

Where can I get transport and logistics services for abnormal loads?

Our turnkey solutions are tailormade according to all project requirements. Concord providing the right solution for your project, with the right team to execute.

Should you be looking for abnormal load haulage and transport services please let one of our specialists assist you further.

We provide our clients with a complete heavy equipment transport and logistics solution for the transporting of heavy, bulk or oversized freight.Contact us to request a quotation.

Concord Cranes full-service offering

In addition to our abnormal load logistics and transportation service, Concord Cranes offers a turnkey solution that includes mobile crane hire, rigging services and heavy lifting. With access to market leading industrial companies, we also have the ability to provide the necessary industrial equipment to site which includes telehandlers, forklifts and scaffolding. 

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