Crane Hire

Concord Cranes specialises in crane hire solutions across Southern Africa, offering many types of cranes from the most trusted, high-quality brands in the world. 

Our service offering includes:

  • Mobile crane hire
  • Rigging services 
  • Specialised transport solutions
  • Industrial equipment
  • Personnel
  • Turnkey Solutions

The Concord Cranes offering expands across Southern Africa, particularly South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique. Borne from the collaboration of six well-established brands in industry, Concord Cranes operates as a business on the foundation of experience and wisdom. 

Equipped with a fleet of +180 cranes, ranging from 7T – 800T, Concord Cranes has gained experience in crane rental across a multitude of industries which include maritime, renewable energy, petrochemical, civil, commercial, construction, SMPP and power & generation.

Turnkey Solution

Included in our service offering are turnkey mobile crane hire solutions which aim to minimise supplier touchpoints, reduce risks and avoid any cost implications for the delay in delivery. Our turnkey solutions are designed to transport, load or relocate any abnormal load from point A to point Z using our cranes, rigging teams and extendable trailers that reach up to 54m in length.

Concord Cranes Servicing the Renewable Energy Sector

We are a crane hiring company built on a legacy of family values, passion and determination and strive to be one of the leading mobile crane hire companies nationwide, with a focus on servicing South Africa and Southern Africa at large.

Contact Concord Cranes on 011 805 8071 or email us now for more information on our cranes for hire.

Concord Cranes Servicing the Renewable Energy Sector

What are cranes used for?

Cranes are used in a multitude of applications across various industries – from civil, commercial and petrochemical to mining, maritime and renewable energy. When it comes to crane hire, understanding the capabilities of the varying cranes types is of crucial importance. Our crane hire specialists understand all the intricacies behind determining the correct crane for the job and will always ensure that the right crane and equipment is provided for the job, with the right team to execute.

Our spectrum of mobile cranes offer excellence in manoeuvrability and high reachability.

Types of Cranes to Hire

This is our range of cranes which include varying capabilities:

Operating in diverse geographical areas, these cranes are comparable to All Terrain Cranes but are more cost-effective in terms of on-road travel.

Operating in diverse geographical areas, these cranes are comparable to All Terrain Cranes but are more cost-effective in terms of on-road travel.

Negotiating rough landscapes like a 4×4 vehicle, these cranes have a low travel speed but offer highly effective pick-and-carry features which are essential on most construction sites.

Heavy Lift Solutions

Whether it’s 300T or 800T that we need to lift, our fleet is equipped to offer heavy lifting solutions. Our 800T crane is one of the largest in Southern Africa.

Cranes to Rent

Where to rent or hire a crane?

Concord offers a fleet of +180 cranes throughout the Southern African region which is backed by a highly skilled team of crane specialists, operators, riggers and mechanics. 

Not only do we offer cranes for hire, but also rigging services and specialised transport solutions to offer a complete turnkey solution for all your project requirements. We’d love to hear from you – please get in touch.

Concord Cranes – Loyalty, Integrity, Foresight, Excellence!

Serving our customers, the right equipment, with the right team to execute is at the forefront of our business. Building trust and offering superior customer service is fundamental to the success of our business. We bring our core values of loyalty, integrity, foresight and excellence into everything we do, striving to always be better.

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