Using Heavy Lift Cranes

Purpose of Heavy Lift Cranes

We often see these types of heavy-duty machines hard at work, but don’t know much about them. Heavy lift cranes, and other equipment for lifting heavy objects, are marvels of science and engineering in that they are designed to lift the largest of loads at the cranes maximum capacity, without buckling under the pressure. There are many heavy lifting crane uses out there as well as a multitude of industries which require their services for a variety of applications.

At Concord Cranes, we offer heavy lift cranes for hire and as experts in the field, we have an in depth understanding about the specifications of heavy lift cranes as well as the functionality of heavy lift cranes. Let’s take a look at what exactly heavy lift cranes are, what they are used for and who needs them.

The uses of a heavy lift crane

What is a heavy lift crane?

A heavy lift crane is a sizeable piece of equipment, designed to lift and carry large objects or loads. A heavy lift crane is categorized based on its lifting capabilities, for example a 550T mobile crane has the capability of lifting 165T at a radius of 10 meters and, has many additional components to cater for different lift requirements whether it be height, weight, or reach that is required. Believe it or not, a heavy lift crane is so large that it requires another crane to build it!

Heavy lift cranes generally are made up of the following parts:

  • A lattice boom – this section either comes as an additional component or the main component and is designed to extend the cranes range and/or increase the strength.
  • A luffing jib – this section allows the cranes primary boom angle to remain stationary while the jib section articulates up and down. This increases the capacity at a further radius, maintaining a suitable hook height.
  • A side-ways super lift/Y-guide – this section increases the strength of the telescopic boom and shifts the centre of gravity on the crane.
  • A Derrick – A lattice component attached to the superstructure used to strengthen the main boom of a lattice crane and increases the cranes capacity.
  • A Ballast tray – A tray suspended from the derrick packed with multiple slabs of counterweight (ballast) used to increase the cranes capacity.

Heavy lift cranes are categorized by their capacity to lift heavy loads and at Concord Cranes we offer a fleet of heavy lift cranes capable of performing some of the heaviest lifts. “Heavy lift cranes can range from the smaller 300T capacity models to a greater capacity of +750T,” says Chester Rawstron, Eastern Cape Sales Manager for Concord Cranes.

What are heavy lift cranes used for?

You might be wondering, where are heavy lift cranes used? The answer is quite simple, everywhere. Industries across Africa and the globe make use of heavy lift cranes such as mining, renewable energy, oil and gas, construction, port works, marine, steel works and even in the automobile sector.

“From transporting and installing large wind turbines in the renewable energy sector, to replacing large industrial mining equipment in challenging environments, Concord Cranes is capable of providing a lifting or transporting solution, as well as bespoke rental and sales solutions that include access machines and formwork & scaffolding through our multi-franchise business, Bud Rental Services, ” says Chester.

There are a few specifications that should be included in a heavy lift crane model, to ensure that it is of an excellent standard. At Concord Cranes, we always encourage customers looking for the best crane for their needs to look specifically at companies that offer the following:

  • Technical and sound advice from a reputable service provider
  • High safety standards
  • Computerized lift planning
  • An experienced team offering support both on and off site
  • Qualified riggers
  • Logistical management solutions
  • National support structures

What sets Concord Cranes apart from other company’s?

Concord Cranes has a well-established national footprint with the cranes distributed strategically around the country. “We boast a fleet of +180 cranes, ranging from 7T – 750T, enabling us to satisfactorily meet our client’s requirements. Our professional and experienced team of sales engineers aim continuously provide the best solution to our clients, time and again. The Concord national heavy lift team work closely together to ensure accurate decision making, leaving no room for error,” ends Chester.

To find out more about our heavy lift crane fleet and our rigging services, call 011 805 8071 or contact us.

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