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Heavy lifting trailers onto flat beds was the name of the game in this Concord Cranes and Afrit project.

Leading trailer manufacturer, Afrit, who have been manufacturing trailers for a variety of industries across Africa for over 50 years, needed a partner to help them complete a very important trailer delivery to Madagascar and Concord Cranes was the only company that fit the bill.

The Service Requirement

Afrit was commissioned to make 25 trailers and dollies by an African company and have them delivered to Madagascar by flatbed trucks. The company expertly made the trailers but then required a specialised team of cranes and crane operators to hoist the trailers and dollies onto the flatbed trucks for transport.

The Gauteng Concord Cranes team was called in to execute the job and did so with precision and expertise. The team planned the hoisting and heavy lifting carefully to ensure that none of the trailers would be damaged and that they would be able to begin their journey to Madagascar as soon as possible.

The Successful Project: Heavy Lifting and Transportation

The Concord Cranes team, along with their Afrit counterparts, decided that the trailers would be hoisted onto the trucks over three separate days. The Concord Cranes team hoisted seven trailers on the first day and eight trailers on the second day which took place a week apart in August 2020. They then loaded the remaining seven trailers onto their transport trucks a few weeks later in the beginning of September 2020.

How long did it take to complete the project?

“We decided to hoist the trailers over separate days a few weeks apart to allow the trucks to begin their long-haul journey in a staggered approach. This way, when they arrived at their destination, the awaiting crane operating team would also be able to offload the cranes at once instead of having a series of full trucks awaiting offload” said Luke Dixie, Concord Cranes Gauteng: Sales Executive.

Which heavy lift cranes were used for this project?

The team used both the Liebherr 50tonne and the Liebherr 95tonne cranes to complete the job. “The 50tonne was sufficed for the ground clearance and turning radius that was required but we decided to see what the 95tonne could do under these circumstances as well, and it didn’t disappoint” added Dixie.

“Overall, it was a resoundingly successful job. As always, the client was very happy with our level of expertise and crane operating as well as the capabilities of the cranes we used. A great partnership built on mutual trust and service excellence” ended Dixie.

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