What Does a Heavy Lift Solution Involve

What Does a Heavy Lift Solution Involve?

Heavy lift solutions like heavy-lift cranes and equipment, are built to offer maximum output and lifting capabilities in one mega-machine. These heavy lifting solutions are capable of lifting the large, heavy loads that are required in industries like construction, mining, renewable energy, and petrochemical.

When you need a reliable, powerful heavy lift solution, you want a machine that can give you the power you require as well as a supplier that offers service excellence and safe execution –  how it operates, and during times of breakdown or mechanical fault. Concord Cranes offers a mighty fleet of heavy lift cranes for your heavy lift turnkey solution. 

In this article, we take a deep dive into what the advantages of choosing heavy lifting equipment. We will also give you insight into the heavy lift crane fleet available at Concord Cranes, so that you understand what is available through us. 

What Is The Best Lifting Solution for Heavy Loads?

To determine the best lifting solutions for your particular heavy load requirement, it is important to understand a few factors relating to the job or application first.

  1. What is the load weight requirement of the job? Is rigging required?
  2. At what height does the heavy lift crane need to be able to operate at?
  3. Is there tandem or top & tail lifting requires?
  4. What is the sqm of the area in which the crane can set up?
  5. What is the terrain of the site where the crane will be working?
  6. What structures are in the way – if any?
  7. Do you have a professional operating and safety team?
  8. Do you require any other equipment such as telehandlers, lighting towers, forklifts, or MEWP’s too?

When you understand what the area, the application, the lifting and rigging requirements, and site establishment, you will be able to inform a heavy lift team of what it is you believe you need. However, if there is one inch of uncertainty, our team will do a site audit before sending through any costing. At Concord Cranes, we work together with our clients in understanding the exact, specific requirements of their project and site in order to suggest the best heavy lift crane and equipment for their needs. We pride ourselves in offering this kind of turnkey service to every customer on every project.

The Advantages of Using Heavy Lifting Cranes for Your Projects

Apart from the ability to lift and load heavy loads and equipment (as their name gives away), a heavy lift crane job required a huge amount of prep work – audits, site establishment, ground clearance, safety files etc. If this is done accurately from the beginning, the solution should offer only advantages on your project: 

#1 – Faster project completion

If the solution was provided to you based on an accurate spec and site audit, you should have the right heavy lift solution for your project specifications and you will find that the project goes more smoothly and gets to completion a lot faster. The right heavy lift equipment and solutions will ensure that load capacity meets the exact needs of the project and therefore delays and breakdowns are kept to a minimum. Accuracy in the job spec is critical. If necessary, complete load test of crane before the job begins. Trust us as your partner. 

#2 – Reduced costs

Concord accurately tracks project costs to avoid exceeding order value. If required, we will amend the order before continuing. With more exact project timelines, and all documents in order, there is less likelihood of project overruns which means less money spent. You will also save money on maintenance and delays in breakdowns. Money can also be saved by not having to pay for staff and operator costs longer than you anticipated or pay over-time because the project will run according to plan. 

#3 – Increased productivity

With the right solution, the right costing, the right ground pressures, the right operators, and the right equipment you will see a dramatic increase in productivity. Operators will be more productive as they have the correct equipment to complete the job on time and you’ll be able to avoid delays, overruns, and additional costs which makes the entire project run a lot smoother.

#4 – Increased safety

Our ISO45001 certificate substantiates our commitment to safety! Heavy lift crane safety is absolutely critical in a heavy lift solution – from start to finish!

Using the right heavy lift turnkey solution for your project means that the site, the cranes and support equipment are designed to lift the load required and therefore you avoid tipping of cranes and accidents. Without the right operator, we would not be able to offer a solution. Highly experienced and technically skilled operators ensure increased safety because they are specifically trained and licenced to operate these bigger cranes. 

#5 – Increased reliability

Apart from productivity and costs, reliability on the crane itself, the jobbing cranes and the operator are all key elements to the success if a project. Concord provides a very professional, experienced solution with transport of abnormal loads, rigging studies, lift testing, support cranes, support industrial equipment, trained operators and a safety team responsible for each project.  in terms of being able to rely on the machines you have invested in, is key to the success of a project. When you choose heavy lift and transport turnkey solutions from Concord Cranes you should have faith in the reliability of the machine, the operator, and the service you’ll be getting from us.

The Different Types of Heavy Lifting Solutions

At Concord Cranes, we are proud of our fleet of heavy lift machines and equipment, designed to be hard-working, reliable and efficient for a range of industries and applications. 

Check out our fleet of heavy lift cranes which include machines from leading international manufacturers like Grove and Liebherr.

Where To Find Heavy Lifting Solutions?

Concord Cranes offers a range of heavy lift solutions which includes specialist rigging services and specialised transport solutions. Our experienced heavy lift team will ensure that you are provided with the right equipment and crane, depending on your need, application, site and accessibility.

For more information on our turnkey solutions and specialised services, or to get a quote, contact Concord Cranes today.

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