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Cranes & Mobile Hire Frequently Asked Questions 

At Concord Cranes, we have put together a list of our most commonly asked questions that we get from potential and existing customers in the crane hire space. We hope these questions will help answer any queries you might have and give you the answers you need right away.

Crane Hire FAQs:

What cranes do you rent out?

We rent out mobile cranes at an hourly rate. The rate does not include insurance for the crane, as this is included: as a separate cost. We also include a site establishment cost in our rate which includes the wear and tear on the crane moving it from our premises to the site. Rates could include the cost of other trucks which might be required to move the counterweights for the main crane.

If I only need the crane for three hours, why am I quoted for nine or 10 hours?

Our rate begins from the time the mobile crane begins to move from our premises. With large pieces of machinery like mobile cranes, there is a lot of logistics to arrange before the crane begins working which includes safely arranging and installing it on site. We, therefore, have a minimum hourly rate or charge that we begin with to ensure that all the costs are covered for the crane which would include operator hours and diesel for the machine to mention a few.

Does your 100-tonne crane lift 100 tonnes?

A 100t crane can only lift the full 100 tonnes on itself. When we move the radius – being the distance from the center of the crane to the center of the load – further out, the crane loses lifting capacity. Think of your arms, you can pick up 5kg right next to your body but if you extend your arms out you can only hold a much smaller weight.

Many people query that if they need 16 tonnes moved, why not just send a 16-tonne capacity mobile crane? As answered above, you always need a crane bigger than the load capacity to ensure efficacy.

Does the crane come with its own operator?

Cranes are highly specialised pieces of machinery that require a specialised set of skills to operate. Therefore, our cranes are always rented out with their own operators to ensure the safety of all on-site and to ensure the job gets down well the first time.


How quickly can the crane be on site?

The distance from the Concord Cranes yard to the job site will depend on how long it will take for the crane to arrive on site. Generally, our truck-mounted cranes can travel at a speed of 60km/h and are permitted to travel on both suburban roads and highways. When we quote our customers on the hourly rate for the project, we will also include the logistics timeline and plan for the travel time of the crane to and from the site.

Do you offer a credit facility as part of your rental service?

Yes, we do. Enquire with our sales team today to find out more about our credit application process and requirements. Once you have got all your supporting documents in place, we should be able to approve you for credit within 7 working days.

I am interested in becoming a mobile crane operator, how do I become one?

It is a highly specialised skill and will offer you a very specific set of skills that are much sought after in the crane and truck hire industry. To begin with, you need to have a Code 14 drivers’ license which allows you to operate heavy machinery. We then advise applying for a course to become a mobile crane operator to further your skills and studies. Enquire directly with us now to find out which courses are available in Gauteng.

We often get asked if a woman can be a mobile crane operator, and the easy answer is yes! A woman would need to follow the same procedure as outlined above, there is no discrimination in the industry based on gender when it comes to operating capacity.

Do you offer after-sales service? 

Absolutely, at Concord Cranes we do not just rent and run. Our after-sales service team stays in touch with our customers to make sure the project went smoothly, and to get feedback on any snags or points we can improve on for the next project too.

What is the biggest crane in South Africa and the world?

In South Africa, the biggest operational crane is the 1200t mobile crane. The biggest crane in the world is the 3500t crawler crane which can be found operating in Belgium.

To learn more about our cranes hire service, rates, and after-sales service, contact the Concord Cranes team today on 011 805 8071.

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