Common Uses of All Terrain Cranes

Common Uses of All Terrain Cranes

All terrain cranes are versatile machines that can be used for a variety of applications. They are powerful off-road mobile cranes that have a variety of uses in many different industries across South and Southern Africa.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common all-terrain crane uses so that you can better understand their value. Whether you’re looking to move heavy equipment or set up a construction site, an all-terrain crane can help get the job done.

What is an All-Terrain Crane?

An all-terrain crane is a mobile, heavy-lifting crane that is able to manoeuvre over a range of different terrain types. Because they are so mobile, they are excellent at accessing difficult terrain which is especially important for construction, mining and agricultural applications.  All-terrain cranes are at home on uneven outdoor terrain as they are in built-up urban areas thanks to their mobility and excellent manoeuvrability.

Benefits Of All-Terrain Cranes

Versatile and robust, all-terrain cranes make an excellent crane and rigging choices for many applications. Thanks to the fact that they are highly mobile and the crane truck itself has independent suspension, they are able to travel at both low and high speeds which enables them to travel on both roads and gravel.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider using an all-terrain crane for your next project:

  • They offer excellent manoeuvrability over different terrain types from sand, rock, and road
  • They are versatile enough to work on uneven outdoor sites in urban areas with limited space
  • The long, telescopic boom of the all-terrain crane can be extended to a range of heights depending on the model, enabling them to work at great heights.
  • The robust and hardy design offers powerful performance and reliability
  • They are considered to be green technology in that most all-terrain crane engines meet EPA emission standards thanks to their hydraulic engine designs.
  • The design of all-terrain cranes ensures comfortable driving and operation for operators, which includes a high level of safety features including windshields, rear-view cameras and air conditioning.

What are the Common Applications Of All-terrain Cranes?

When it comes to all-terrain crane applications, there are a variety of different uses that these types of cranes have been designed for. When an all-terrain crane is operated by a skilled and certified operator, it can perform brilliantly, offering safe and efficient lifting capabilities. The most common uses of mobile cranes like all-terrain cranes include:

  • Construction – when building a large commercial project that requires working at heights, an all-terrain crane can be used to lift other pieces of equipment and heavy loads. They are able to access uneven terrain and surfaces that might be in poor condition, which makes them ideal for working in harsh, outdoor environments
  • Wind Energy – in South Africa, wind turbines and green energy solutions are becoming a necessity. All-terrain cranes are used in the installation of wind turbines because most wind farms are being installed in large, open, unpaved or uneven tracts of land which can only be accessed by this type of crane.
  • Agriculture – when farming and construction meet, the all-terrain crane is often used. When large, heavy equipment, stock and other agricultural items need to be loaded and unloaded on an agricultural site, an all-terrain crane can be used to assist.

Industries in Southern Africa that predominantly use all-terrain cranes include:

  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Civil & Engineering
  • Maritime
  • Renewable Energy
  • Petrochemical
  • Commercial & Retail

Where To Hire All-Terrain Cranes?

If you’re looking for a fleet of all-terrain cranes that offer you optimised crane mobilisation and excellent manoeuvrability, look no further than Concord Cranes. Our fleet of over 80 all-terrain cranes ranges from 30T to 800T models with powerful telescopic booms for extended working heights. Our fleet offers 2-axle to 9-axle crane options which can fulfil any project requirement and job application. We are specialists in mobile crane services and heavy goods transportation, chat with the Concord Cranes team today. 

For any more information you might need on the all-terrain crane range we offer, contact Concord Cranes today.

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