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Finding Different Mining Crane Types to Hire

South Africa’s history has been built on mining and is a staple industry in our country with many materials being mined today including, coal, platinum, gold, diamonds, copper, and more.

One thing that is imperative in every reputable mine is an excellent track record of maintenance and safety. To keep the materials and machinery running safely and to the best of their ability, regular monthly maintenance needs to be carried out. Heavy lift cranes, as well as medium cranes, are often used to assist during scheduled maintenance works as well as for other uses on mines.

As one of the leading crane hire company’s in SA, we partner with many mining companies that require different mining cranes to tackle several jobs. It is often not necessary to have a crane in mining permanently set up, and so hiring one makes more sense.

Finding Different Cranes for Mining and Their Uses

How to choose a suitable mining crane?

Here is an example of how choosing the correct cranes can make a mining project run smoothly. Sibanye Stillwater is a long-term client of Concord Cranes that requires multiple cranes monthly for scheduled maintenance at the plant. Concord Cranes hires between 7 to 10 cranes for the project ranging from the medium-lift 50t cranes to the heavy-lift 250t crane types.

How do mining cranes work?

Do many customers often ask how mining cranes are raised? When operated by a professional and in safe conditions, mining cranes are often raised, with little effort, as they are designed to lift large loads and perform the heaviest of tasks.

On the Sibanye Stillwater project, the cranes were raised to reach the height and can lift the weight of the various pumps, pipes, and motors that needed to be repaired. All the cranes hired were used simultaneously over a three to four-day period, during which the entire plant was shut down for the routine repairs to take place. 

A project of this scale requires meticulous planning and teamwork between the client and Concord Cranes. The technical team at Sibanye Stillwater worked in close conjunction with the Concord Cranes team to plan the maintenance schedule and make sure all the work was done safely and on time.

How much does a mining crane cost?

The cost of hiring a crane for mining depends entirely on the scope of the project itself. In the Sibanye Stillwater project, several cranes were needed over several days so the cost of this project would be different from another mining project in which one crane was required for one day.

We recommend discussing your mining crane needs with the experts at Concord Cranes today. We will be able to give you a tailored quote that will competitively be priced.

Lionel Jansen Van Rensburg, Branch Manager for Concord Cranes adds, “We proudly stand by our perfect track record in safety and 24/7 customer support. We have built both professional and personal relationships with our clients that can stand the test of time.” 

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