How is a truck crane able to lift heavy loads

How Is A Truck Crane Able To Lift Heavy Loads?

Heavy-duty truck cranes are essential in the construction and engineering fields for lifting heavy loads but how exactly are they capable of doing that? These crane types boast a range of different truck crane features that make them capable of lifting heavy loads, so let’s learn about what they are and how these powerful workhorses get the heavy-lifting jobs done well every time.

How Does A Truck Crane Work?

As their name suggests, truck cranes have a boom or job that is mounted onto a truck chassis or body. They have two operating cabs, one for the truck itself (in order to drive the truck) and the other to operate the boom.

Truck cranes are commonly used on engineering and construction sites to lift large objects or heavy material loads. They are also used in import and export zones to lift and move heavy-duty loads like cars, cargo and other vehicles too.

But where exactly does the truck crane loading power come from? How are these trucks able to lift and carry such heavy loads, that may even weigh more than the truck crane itself?

How Do Heavy-duty Truck Cranes Generate Their Lifting Power?

Truck cranes are cleverly designed to be able to generate a large amount of lifting power. In order to stabilise the truck crane, and give its large truck-mounted crane lifting power, the crane has stabilising legs or booms on either side of it. These legs reach out of the truck chassis and are mounted onto the ground on either side of the truck. The legs are locked into place and give the truck crane a large amount of stabilising power.

The legs stabilise the crane and the truck itself acts like a counter-weight to the crane. The jib or boom is then operated from the crane platform which is mounted on the truck body.

When it comes to the lifting capacities of truck cranes, it really depends on the crane itself. In the Concord Cranes truck cranes fleet, we offer a range of mobile cranes that have lifting capacities of between 2.5 to 16 tonnes. It is imperative to get advice from rigging specialists like Concord Cranes, to help you understand what type of truck crane you require for your project. We will ask questions like;

  • What type of load do you need to be lifted?
  • How heavy is the load?
  • How large is the load in terms of quantity?
  • How accessible is the site where loading will take place?

Once you understand these questions, you’ll get a clearer picture of the truck crane specifications that you need to complete your heavy-lifting requirements.

Features of a Truck-mounted Crane

At Concord Cranes, we have a fleet of over 30 truck cranes that all offer excellence when it comes to lifting power and capabilities. Truck cranes in general, offer standard specifications when it comes to their power features which include;

  • All truck cranes have a boom or job that is mounted onto a truck body. 
  • Thanks to their truck body or chassis, truck cranes offer more on-road accessibility than many other crane types.
  • Truck cranes are able to travel longer distances, faster. 
  • Truck cranes work just like most other mobile cranes in that a cantilevered arm or boom has the ability to lift and move heavy loads and be extended, if possible, too.
  • Truck-mounted cranes are compact and offer excellent mobility
  • These cranes offer customers time-saving capabilities because they do not have to be set up or built up on-site
  • They also offer money-saving capabilities because of the shortened preparation and set-up times.

Keen to know more about the fleet of truck cranes and the different crane solutions that we have available? Learn more about the Concord Cranes truck crane fleet now.

How to Know Which Truck Crane Hire Company to Use?

Now that you know more about the capabilities and features of truck cranes and how they generate their power, it’s time to choose a rigging specialist company that can provide you with the right one for your needs.

Read our article on How To Choose Mobile Crane Company, to find out why Concord Cranes is your best choice.

For any more information you might need on truck-mounted cranes; their specs and features, contact the crane hire and rigging specialists, Concord Cranes, today.

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