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How To Safely Use A Mobile Crane

It goes without saying that when using heavy-duty machinery, safety should come first. However, many people still think that operating a piece of machinery, like a mobile crane, can be done without a skilled operator and planning.

The reality is, to experience the highest level of mobile crane safety, you have to strictly adhere to certain guidelines on the safety of mobile cranes. We’ve created a “how to” guide for using and operating a mobile crane for any construction project or application today. 

Mobile Crane Safety Checklist

It’s essential that mobile cranes are used safely in order to avoid accidents and injuries. There are many dangers associated with the use of mobile cranes and improper use can lead to serious injury or death.

As specialists in mobile crane hire and rigging, we’ve put together our top mobile crane safety tips that can help you work safely and prevent injuries as much as possible.

Check #1 – Is Your Crane In Good Working Order?

Before even switching your mobile crane on, it is essential to make sure the machine is in good working order. If you own the crane, be sure to inspect it first to make sure it’s in good working order before using it. If you are hiring a crane, use a reputable company like Concord Cranes to hire a machine to you that is in great condition and can get the job done safely.

Check #2 – Do You Have A Skilled Operator?

Operating a mobile crane needs to be done by a skilled and certified operator in order to experience the safest and most efficient process possible. A mobile crane is a piece of heavy machinery that can cause injury or death if not operated properly. If you are hiring a machine, make sure the hiring company includes a skilled operator to operate the machine for your needs too.

Check #3 – Has Everyone Been Informed?

From the site security guard to the site foreman, everyone on site during the mobile crane operation should be trained and informed about mobile crane safety. Everyone should understand when the crane is operating, what it will be doing, and the safety procedures around it too.

Check #4 – Choose A Hire Company That Understands You

When hiring a mobile crane, you want a company that not only offers machine excellence and performance but training and safety service too. Concord Cranes provides comprehensive mobile crane safety training to ensure that everyone who uses a crane understands how to do so safely and effectively. We also supply the latest equipment and technology to help our customers work more efficiently and safely.

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