How Truck Mounted Cranes Differ From Traditional Cranes

How Truck Mounted Cranes Differ From Traditional Cranes

When you’re on a difficult site and have a need for a crane to help with the operational requirements and heavy-duty lifting of the project, but you need one that can do it easily and with more mobility, you should consider a truck crane over a traditional crane.

Moving weight, on any kind of construction or engineering project, is hard. However, when you have the right equipment and machinery for the job, you can ensure that you’re able to get the lifting done quicker and with less downtime.

Truck-mounted cranes are the solution for heavy lifting needs that require mobility and agile logistics! Heavy-duty truck cranes are designed to quickly and easily mount to the bed or frame of a truck, allowing you to move more weight with less effort.

Let’s take a look now at what the top truck crane benefits are and how truck cranes differ from traditional crane types.

What is a Truck-mounted Crane?

Heavy-duty truck-mounted cranes are effectively cranes that are mounted onto a standard truck chassis. This enables the crane to be able to offer excellent heavy-lifting capabilities whilst being able to travel over long distances and be easily transportable.

How Does a Truck-mounted Crane Differ From Other Types of Cranes?

There are many different kinds of cranes available out there. At Concord Cranes, our fleet of cranes for hire include a wide selection of options like;

  • Mobile Cranes
  • All Terrain Cranes
  • Rough Terrain Cranes
  • Heavy Lift Cranes

However, when it comes to the difference between these cranes and truck-mounted cranes, the main difference is that truck cranes are mounted on the body of a truck, enabling them to travel over longer distances to reach work sites. They are able to travel faster, more efficiently and offer great mobility and manoeuvrability capabilities.

What are the Benefits of Using a Truck-mounted Crane?

When it comes to truck crane advantages, there are several which make this type of crane a great asset on construction sites that require both heavy lifting and good mobility.

Better site accessibility

Truck cranes offer better site accessibility than other crane types thanks to the truck chassis body they are designed with. These types of cranes can travel over long distances on public roads and highways, to access construction sites that other cranes might not be able to.

Lesser space required 

These cranes are compact and offer great mobility, which enables them to be able to manoeuvre in smaller spaces and therefore require less space to work and move.

Easier transportation of goods

Not only can truck cranes lift and offload goods and materials at a construction site, but they can also load materials onto their truck chassis or body, making them an excellent choice for the transportation of goods to and from sites too.

Fewer operational costs 

Thanks to the fact that truck cranes offer multiple capabilities in terms of lifting and mobility, you will be able to save operational costs when hiring a truck crane. Truck cranes can lift the heaviest of loads while offering excellent travel times and access, saving you time as well as money.

Shortened preparation time

You won’t need to first set up and erect a truck crane into place before it can begin working. The truck crane can simply drive into position, apply the counterbalances and begin working. This kind of short set-up time can significantly help to reduce preparation time, saving you money and ensuring you can meet tight deadlines too.

How to Choose the Right Truck-mounted Crane for Your Needs?

When you’re looking for the right kind of crane, be it a truck-mounted crane or any other kind of crane for that matter, it’s wise to choose a crane company that will not only offer you the crane you want but will focus on advising and helping you know how to choose the right kind of machine for your specific requirements.

At Concord Cranes, we pride ourselves on a large fleet of truck cranes as well as other crane types but we’re equally proud of our before, during, and after-sales service too. We want to ensure that every one of our customers gets the machinery they need to get their job done well, on time and on budget.

For any more information you might need on truck-mounted cranes; their specs and features, contact the crane hire and rigging specialists, contact Concord Cranes today. We have heavy lifting and rigging operations all over South Africa and neighbouring countries

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