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Petrochemical Industry Cranes

Cranes operating in the petrochemical and refinery industry must withstand tough conditions and a harsh working environment. Two vital considerations for anyone hiring or purchasing a crane for use in the petrochemical industry are long-term reliability and operator safety.

Cranes used at a petrochemical coke pit need to be able to withstand moisture, corrosive fumes, and abrasive dust. The dust and fumes can erode electrical parts and mechanical components, which can cause breakdowns and even safety issues. Reliable equipment is essential because downtime can affect the entire chain of production.

The safety of the crane operator and everyone else on site is always of utmost importance. Cranes should feature industry leading safety standards, ensuring they are suitable for harsh operating conditions.

What are petrochemical industry cranes?  

Petrochemical industry cranes are those cranes used in the petrochemical industry and at coker sites. (A coker unit refines residual oil, breaking down the sludge to produce valuable petrol, diesel, and oils.)

Larger cranes are ideal for the petrochemical industry. The loads being lifted are heavy and need to be lifted in a large radius, making bigger units ideal for the job.

Where can I hire petrochemical industry cranes?

Concord cranes offer a wide and diversified fleet of cranes. Our fleet consists of over 170 cranes, including hydraulic mobile cranes (including all-terrain cranes, rough-terrain cranes, truck and tower cranes. The acquisition of a new 750 t crane has expanded our reach in the heavy-lifting sector.

Concord’s cranes are used across a range of industries including civil, cellular, ports and steel, with a number of cranes particularly suitable for the petrochemical industry. Top international brands available through Concord Cranes include Tadano, Grove, Terex, Sany and Zoomlion.

Need a turnkey solution?

Concord’s experienced team of professionals can offer a multi-faceted industrial solution that can be tailored according to your unique project requirements.

We can assist with mobile crane hire, rigging, heavy lifting and specialised transport solutions, minimising supplier touch points and reducing risk.

Contact Concord Cranes for all your mobile crane hiring and specialised service needs now.

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