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Small Lift and Medium Lift Cranes for Hire

Small Lift and Medium Life Cranes

At Concord cranes, we specialise in offering heavy lift cranes for hire. They are considered the best in the crane world and can lift capacities of up to 750 tonnes. But did you know that we offer small-lift cranes and medium-lift cranes for hire too?

We stock a range of small lift cranes for hire and medium-lift ones, all of which offer their unique array of features and benefits. When you require a mini-lift crane to help lift the smallest of loads or a medium-lift crane to do some in-between lifting, ask the Concord Crane team how.

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Small and Medium Lift Cranes for Hire

What is a small-lift crane, and how much lifting capacity can it handle?

Small lift cranes or mini lifting cranes are compact, lightweight cranes that are often used in the construction and engineering sectors to pick up and lift smaller loads. These Cranes have lifting capacities of between 20 – 60 tonnes and are ideal for lifting loads like tyres, cement bags, metal, and small pieces of machinery and equipment.

In our small crane department, we stock an offering of cranes from some of the best international manufacturers like Liebherr, Terex-Demag, Faun, and Grove. Each brand brings a level of superior design and engineering excellence to its products.

What is a medium-lift crane, and how much lifting capacity can it handle?

Medium lift cranes are lifting cranes found in between small and heavy lift crane options. They are ideal for building and construction sites and are generally known to lift loads between 60 – 200 tonnes.

Choose from our range of medium-lift cranes from Terex-Demag, Liebherr, Grove, and Faun, all leading crane manufacturers known internationally for their excellence in design and capabilities.

When looking at lifting loads of over 150 tonnes, we recommend that you chat to an expert team like Concord Cranes to establish if a medium-lift or heavy-lift crane is required for your project.

Where to find small and medium-lift cranes for hire?

At Concord Cranes, we are a team driven by a passion for what we do. Apart from offering a range of top quality small and medium-lift cranes, we also specialise in the hire of a variety of larger crane types including,

Customer service excellence and creating tailor-made crane hire solutions are what we are known for. We are a small team of dedicated staff focused on building a partnership with our customers based on trust and loyalty.

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