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Truck Mounted Cranes Vs Boom Trucks

A truck mounted crane and a boom truck look pretty similar, in fact, they share many similar features and capabilities. However, there certain features that set these two crane types apart, allowing them to offer slight differences in capabilities and uses.

Let’s take a look at what each type of crane is and then explore their similarities and differences.

What is a Truck Mounted Crane?

As its name suggests, a truck mounted crane or truck crane is a strong and flexible piece of machinery. The crane is mounted either at the rear of the flatbed toward the back of the crane or right behind the cab. The truck can be used for transporting goods on the flatbed when the crane is not in use and is, therefore, a mobile unit as a start. When in use the truck is stationary, it is stabilised to the ground using mounts or stabilisers and the crane is then able to be operated separately to lift and move loads.

What is a Boom Truck?

Almost identical, a boom truck or cargo crane truck also has a truck, trailer and boom-mounted either the front or back of the flatbed. A boom truck offers slightly more versatility in the boom, acting as an arm with a moveable wrist and hand to do more mobile lifting and dropping.

What are the similarities in features and capabilities of Truck Mounted Cranes and Boom Trucks?

Here are a few of the main similarities between both mobile truck types:

  • Both are considered small truck mounted cranes in that they both offer moveable cranes or booms mounted on a flatbed truck or truck and trailer.
  • Depending on the type of cane chosen, both booms/cranes can be manoeuvred from a separate driver’s cabin above the boom, or alternatively, if it is a smaller crane, it will be driven from inside the drivers’ cabin.
  • Both machines can be used for transporting goods on the flatbed when the crane is not in use.

Let’s take a look now at the main way in which these cranes differ.

What are the differences between a truck mounted crane and a boom truck?

The main difference between a truck mounted crane and a boom truck is that the boom truck’s crane has slightly more moveability and dexterity of the arm itself. As mentioned above, a boom truck can be likened to an arm with a moveable wrist and hand whereas a truck mounted crane is like an arm that stops at the wrist. Both are strong pieces of machinery capable of moving, lifting, and dropping but a boom truck’s boom has slightly more maneuvering capabilities and offers the ability to rotate on a bigger axis.

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