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Do you know the difference between a mobile crane and a tower crane? Our team of specialists put together some unique comparisons.


Mobile Cranes vs Tower Cranes

So, you’re planning your construction project and feel uncertain as to whether you require a mobile crane versus a tower crane? It is a common problem to have and many people, particularly those new to the industry, often ask us what the difference is between mobile cranes and tower cranes? Mobile cranes and tower cranes are scalable, heavy-duty machines that have the ability to lift and move heavy materials on site. Although they share many similarities, they also have distinct differences. Selecting the correct type of crane for your construction project is absolutely crucial and plays an impact on efficiency, quality and cost.

Difference Between Mobile Cranes & Tower Cranes

Let’s first take a look at what each type of crane is actually used for;

What is a tower crane?

Tower cranes are used to lift and move very heavy, large materials such as steel and concrete around building sites. These massive cranes are often seen on the sky lines of many cities around the world and this s because they can lift materials to the exact height required, which is of course a huge requirement in high rise cities. Importantly, tower cranes are not mobile. They are fixed units that need to erected on-site and dismantled again once the task has been completed. Concord’s mobile cranes are often involved in the erection and dismantling of tower cranes.

What is a mobile crane?

As its name suggests, a mobile crane is a crane that is mounted on a truck. The crane is operated by an operator that sits in a cab and is powered by a telescopic boom which is also mounted on the same truck or carrier. Importantly, definitive feature of these types of cranes is that they are mobile. They are self-propelled trucks that can travel distances to various building sites, depending on which mobile crane you want where.


Why Choose Mobile Cranes

 How do I know whether to hire a mobile crane or a tower crane?

Deciding between a mobile crane and tower crane is a decision that needs to be an informed one.

The final decision ultimately comes down to your construction requirements on site and where the site located.

Tower cranes are very impressive pieces of machinery that can hoist and move extremely heavy loads. They are ideal for high density areas where lifting materials at height are necessary. They do have their limitations though; tower cranes need to be constructed on site which can require a lot of labour and time and, therefore increased costs. These cranes are not moveable and so, once they have been erected, they need to remain there for the duration of the project or job.

Mobile cranes are obviously more flexible in terms of their ability to move around and can access various areas on one site at any time. Mobile cranes can travel to a work site, complete the job and travel back to the hire company, leaving you with less headache in terms of site space and set up. However, in high density areas, one needs to always consider if there is room for the operating radius of a mobile crane and its extendable boom.

Why choose a Mobile Crane with an operator?

At Concord Cranes, we hire out mobile cranes. Our team of specialists put together some a few definite benefits in terms of choosing a mobile crane with an operator for your next construction project;


Mobile cranes do not generally require an extensive amount of labour or time to set up. They can easily be hired from a reputable company, such as Concord Cranes, and driven to and from the construction site they are required. They have the capability to operate safely and efficiently, provided there is team of specialists managing the operation.


Thanks to their ability to move around, mobile cranes are agile and can serve multiple areas on one site, at any given time. Some mobile cranes in our fleet have the ability to operate in tight and confined spaces so even when a project is within a high-density area, we will do our best to look at all possible lifting solutions. Another added benefit is the flexibility in the location of the crane. Because these cranes are mobile on tyres, they move to anywhere they are required and do not have to be erected and dismantled every time they are moved.

Cost Effective

Mobile cranes may tend to be the more cost-effective option over tower cranes and this is really down to the labour, equipment and time involved in erecting and dismantling a stationary crane. Mobile cranes are just as powerful and able to lift as heavy a load, but they don’t require any set up time and offer a varying boom lengths, lifting capacities and terrain types.

Skilled & trained operators

Hiring a crane with a trained and skilled team is crucial to a safe operation on site. From operators to riggers to site managers, each play a critical role in ensuring a safe, efficient and accurate performance.

If you’d like to know more about what a mobile crane with an operator could do for you, the costs of the service and anything else related to our mobile crane hiring and specialised services we offer, please get in touch.

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