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Why Truck Mounted Cranes Are The Best At Heavy Lifting

Heavy lifting is a necessary part of many construction and industrial projects, but it can be difficult to know which type of crane is right for the job. When it comes to the heaviest and toughest jobs, you’ll want to consider a truck mounted crane for the job. They are powerful machines, known for their heavy-duty lifting power.

We take a look at why truck-mounted cranes are the best for heavy lifting and consider some of their advantages and disadvantages to help you decide what the best option for your type of work is.

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Truck Mounted Crane Features

There are a lot of different types of cranes on the market, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for your project. Do you need a crane that is versatile enough to handle any heavy-lifting challenge, and powerful enough to get the job done quickly? Then you should consider hiring a truck mounted crane, here’s why;

Truck Mounted Cranes are Powerful

If you need safe, effective heavy lifting, truck-mounted crane capabilities are designed to lift very heavy loads quickly and safely. The cantilevered arm of the crane is able to lift and move the heaviest of loads and can even be extended.

Truck Mounted Cranes are Mobile

These cranes are mounted on a standard truck chassis or body, which makes them easy to move and able to travel for long distances. They can also travel faster than other mobile cranes which makes them a good choice for projects where a crane is needed on several different sites. They do not travel fast, of course, but they are more mobile and have the ability to drive on roads and highways easily.

Truck Mounted Cranes are Safe

When it comes to truck mounted crane safety, even though they are designed to be extremely powerful and mobile, they also have a high standard of safety features on board too.

Truck Crane Advantages and Disadvantages

We’ve discussed the advantages of these powerful cranes, and they are a very good choice for when you need lifting, locating or restructuring heavy loads on construction sites. Truck-mounted cranes tend not to be used for long-term hires or rentals on-site because they are designed to be more mobile in nature. Precautions also need to be taken by the crane operator when driving these types of cranes at speed on highways and fast-moving roads to avoid accidents.

What Types of Materials Can Truck Cranes Lift?

There really is no limit to the type of material that a truck mounted crane can lift. When it comes to construction sites, the most commonly transported, lifted and loaded materials include;

  • Bricks and mortar
  • Timber
  • Concrete slabs and pipes
  • Power poles and cables
  • Rubble

When deciding what kind of load a truck mounted crane can lift, it’s important to discuss the requirements and lifting weights of the load with a crane specialist. They will be able to work out the lifting capacity requirements as well as the working height measurements needed and suggest what type of crane is best for the job.

In Which Industries are Truck Cranes Commonly Used?

Truck mounted cranes are a popular choice in the construction industry because they are highly mobile and can travel between sites and projects with ease. But what other industries commonly use truck cranes?

  • The transportation industry relies on truck mounted cranes to load, carry and off-load heavy materials and packaging.
  • The renewable energy sector makes use of truck cranes for the building of their renewable energy towers like wind turbines.

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