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Why You Need A Crane Operator for Crane Hires

A crane hiring company should always offer a skilled crane operator to assist with crane lifting job. Find out why you need a crane operator for your next crane hire.

If you were to take a flight to Cape Town tomorrow, would you feel safe knowing that the pilot who was going to be flying the plane was not qualified to fly that plane? We are going to assume that your resounding answer is, NO!

As with a potentially dangerous and detailed piece of machinery like a plane, a building crane is also a very technical and potentially dangerous machine if it is not operated by a skilled individual who has been highly-trained to operate it.

We take a look now at what a crane operator is and what exactly they do? We’ll also delve into why it is essential to have a qualified crane operator during your next project.

What Is A Crane Operator?

A crane operator is a human being who has been trained and is certified to be able to operate a particular type of crane. There are many different types of cranes – like mobile cranes, all-terrain cranes, and heavy-duty cranes. Every type of crane, from boom trucks to tower cranes, need to be operated in a specific manner in order to get the best results, and safety from it. Think of a car, every make and model are different and needs to be operated in a specific way to get the best drive from it.

What Does A Crane Operator Do?

A person who has been trained as a crane operator has gone through a qualification to become a certified crane operator which includes understanding how the machine works as well as all the safety precautions that need to be adhered to.

The Benefits of Having A Crane Operator On Site

When you require the use of a crane on site, it is often simply for a period of time while the construction or industrial work is taking place. Having a qualified crane operator will ensure that the crane is operated at it’s best and full capacity so that your project is as successful as it can be. Other benefits to having a crane operator on site are;

  • Best results from the machinery they are working with
  • Quickest project time due to the fact that they know what they are doing
  • Highest safety standards adhered to because they are highly trained

How To Work With A Crane Operator During Your Project

Choosing the right crane operator can be tricky, especially if it is not your area of expertise. Working with a specialist crane company will enable you to take the worry out of knowing who the right man (or woman) for the job is.

When you work with a crane specialist and rigging company, like Concord Cranes, we will be able to:

  • Suggest the right equipment and machinery for your specific needs
  • Offer the best and most highly trained operators for every piece of machinery you require
  • Plan and execute the safe operation of every project for you
  • Offer you excellent pre-sales, after-sales and project service possible

To find out more about the right plan, machinery and team for your specific project now, contact the Concord Cranes team today on 011 805 8071.


What is the difference between a crane operator and a rigger?

Crane operators are trained and qualified to understand the workings of the crane and how to safely and effectively operator the crane.

What are the responsibilities of a crane operator?

Crane operators not only know how to technically manoeuvre and work heavy-duty machines like cranes but they also understand all the safety aspects of working with a crane safely.

What are the benefits of a crane operator?

Having a qualified crane operator working on your crane will save you time and money because they will be able to do the most efficient job possible.

Who can operate a hired crane?

When you work with an excellent quality crane hire company, they should have a team of crane operators on hand that can operate the crane for you for the duration of your project.

Does it cost extra to hire a crane with a crane operator?

Investing in a crane that comes with a crane operator will cost more, but you’ll also be getting peace of mind that the crane will run as efficiently as possible and be operated in the safest manner possible.

Do crane operators need certificates or training to operate a crane?

Yes. A crane operator needs to do a qualification and be certified to operate a crane.

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