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Equipment Rigging Defined

Equipment rigging involves the labour and tools required to transport, install, or dismantle large scale industrial machinery. Here is equipment rigging defined!

Rigging a mobile crane requires specific equipment as well as expertise to undertake. When a team is in charge of rigging up or dismantling a largescale industrial machine like a mobile crane, it is essential that they have the right equipment for the job.

At Concord Cranes, we have qualified rigging teams that are highly skilled in the assembly and disassembly of mobile cranes. When it comes to equipment rigging, there are a few parts to the process that are required to ensure that the project goes on without a hitch.

Read on to understand more about what equipment riggers do and the specialised steps that go into crane & rigging projects.

Equipment Rigging

What is equipment rigging?

Equipment rigging is defined as the equipment required for the successful rigging of a machine. It is a broad field of expertise and can pertain to the smallest of machines being rigged up to the largest of machines like a crane being rigged up.

We are going to discuss the rigging equipment and processes involved in large scale rigging projects for this article.

Expertise & Planning

Before a project can even begin, it has to be scoped and planned for. Specialised rigging teams, like the experts at Concord Cranes, would asses the requirements of a project including budget, time, equipment, location, and limitations. Technical drawings and lifting plans have to be created for the project too. 


For most projects, the beginning takes place when the crane parts have to be transported to a site in order to be rigged. In the case of largescale rigging projects, the cranes are often dismantled into several large parts that need to be transported on large, abnormal load trucks. Planning and the right expertise are required to make sure the transportation of the crane is safely conducted, whether it be taking parts to site for rigging, or taking parts from site after dismantling.

Installation & Dismantling

Once the planning is complete and the crane has safely arrived on site, it can be rigged up.

Once the crane has been successfully rigged, it is important to conduct load testing on the crane to make sure it can withstand the weights it is required to. Specific load testing equipment is used in this process and it needs to be conducted by a load testing inspector.


Rigging specialists, like Concord Cranes, would need to have been through vigorous training to qualify as a red seal rigger, which means they have done a specialised apprenticeship in rigging. When choosing a company to complete your rigging services, make sure they are fully qualified to do so.

What are the safety aspects of equipment rigging?

When it comes to rigging, especially large machinery like cranes, there are a few key elements to take into account when it comes to safety. Safety at all parts of the project, is paramount and safety measures and plans need to be in place at all times.

Ground Safety

A ground assessment will be done before rigging and dismantling of a crane to inspect the ground and to make sure it is fit to take the weight of all the rigging equipment needed for the project. It will also ensure the ground area is sturdy enough to carry the weight of the crane once it is rigged up.

Site Clearance Safety

The site needs to be cleared for safety as well, which includes making sure the site is clear of any potential limitations or hazards such as power lines. 

Team Safety

Personnel safety is key too and everyone needs to be fully aware of the health and safety plans in place for the entire duration of the project.

At Concord Cranes we are an equipment rigging company that offers turnkey solutions that include services for a variety of industries. From the hiring of mobile cranes to abnormal load transport and rigging, we understand the detail that is required for these highly-specialised projects.

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