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Truck-Mounted Crane Service and Inspection Procedure

Truck-mounted cranes should be serviced and inspected as much as they are used and also based on their current condition. Learn more about truck crane services.

Like any piece of machinery, truck mounted cranes need to be inspected and serviced regularly to ensure that they are in excellent working condition. One wrong thing could result in sever breakage and damage, not to mention effecting the safe working environment for many people as well as the impact to production should something severe go wrong.  

The common mistake that many companies make with heavy-duty cranes is that we’ll only fix something when it’s broken. However, if you regularly inspect and service a crane, it should give you years of excellent service without a day’s worth of downtime. 

Let’s look now at how often a truck crane service should take place and why, as well as truck mounted crane inspections work and who should do them? 

Truck Cranes Service and Inspection Procedure

How often should a truck mounted crane be serviced? 

Every truck mounted crane will come with the manufacturer’s recommendations for service intervals. Most cranes should be serviced annually with some needing more regular services depending on the work they do and the conditions under which they work. 

At Concord Cranes, we recommend nothing less than a yearly service for your truck mounted crane though, with more regular routine inspections taking place too. 

How often should a truck mounted crane be inspected? 

Entire crane services are annual, however routine inspections can take place as often as daily, weekly or monthly depending on how hard working your crane is. There are a few must-do checkpoints that will need to take place during every inspection, and these become part of the truck mounted crane inspection checklist that should be completed at every inspection. In summary, these truck mounted crane inspection requirements are: 

  • Check all controls are in good working order i.e. controls for speed, smoothness and motion 
  • Check emergency and safety switches are working 
  • Check all moving parts are well lubricated 
  • Test all indicators for load and capacity are accurate using a certified test weight 
  • Check all fluid levels are full 
  • Check all filters are clear 
  • Check that structurally all the parts are in order 
  • Check all critical parts are in order i.e. brakes, gears, fasteners, ropes, electrics etc 
  • Check all signage is clear and uncovered i.e. warning signs and control markings 
  • Make sure wear and tear on wheels is not detrimental 

These are the main inspection points during any routine inspection. If anything is picked up during the inspection then the engineer should recommend a full service and repair exercise take place. All findings should be documented in a truck mounted crane inspection form after every inspection to ensure you have a paper trail of routine inspections for health & safety compliance reasons. 

Who conducts/completes a truck mounted crane inspection and checklist? 

Competent and trained individuals like truck mounted crane mechanics and engineers should ideally conduct the truck mounted crane inspection each time. They are highly trained individuals who understand the inner workings of both the nominal and critical working parts of the crane and they will be able to pick up instant problems on sight. 

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