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Top 5 Considerations for Selecting a Crane Hire Company

Learn about the top 5 things to consider when you are selecting a crane hire company. Ask these potential questions when consulting a crane hire company and you won’t go wrong.

As our economy progressively begins to reintegrate, there will be an increased need for industrial services across a multitude of industries – crane hire, rigging, specialised transport and heavy lifting capabilities included. Now more than ever, deciding which crane hire company to use becomes a very pertinent factor in the decision-making process because we’ve not got to consider certain parameters that we may not have had to in the past. Concord is here to provide guidance when selecting a company to partner with, and in particular, when it comes to crane hiring.

The question is, which crane hiring company is best? As one of the most trusted crane hire and rigging services company in Southern Africa, with one of the largest fleets available, we’ve decided to put together what we think should be the top five tips to consider when looking for the right crane hiring partner.

How to select a crane hiring company

Top 5 things to consider when consulting with a crane company:

When considering which company to partner with for your business or project, there are a few key considerations to take into account and questions to ask when partnering with a crane company:

Service offering: what solutions and what customer experience can you offer?

#1 – Price: How much do your cranes cost to hire?

Crane rental prices are often at the top of everyone’s checklist and rightly so. Keeping a strict budget for any engineering or construction project is key to its success and everyone is looking for a competitive price. However, we would recommend not basing your entire decision simply on price. Cheaper is not always better when it comes to renting heavy machinery like this and you’ll want to make sure the company you choose ticks all five of the boxes we’re suggesting.

#2 – Safety: How often are your cranes inspected?

It goes without saying that crane safety is of paramount importance for both your staff and others on site. When considering different rental companies, you should ask how safe their construction cranes are? Ask how often they service their cranes and how often they are inspected too. When inspecting their cranes, do they make use of a standard crane checklist or something like an automated asset compliance and verification software? Essentially, you would want comfort in the fact that the company knows the who, what, where and when in relation to every asset inspection.

#3 – Skilled Operators: Do you provide skilled crane operators with the crane rental?

A good crane hiring company will always offer skilled, knowledgeable crane operators to operate the crane you’re looking at if you don’t have one. They may even offer training for your operator to ensure they are up-to-date with the specific crane you’re hiring. Crane operators should be licensed and be able to show their credentials when you ask for them.

#4 – Variety: What kind of cranes do you offer?

Questions applicable to the company’s crane fleet are very valid. It gives you insight into the scope of their service offering. A reputable hire company has usually been in business for a while and is equipped with a fleet of machines that can lift a variety of classes. You want a company that has experience and knowledge, an industry track record and a fleet that is well serviced and safe. When working with machines of this nature and capacity, it is important you partner with a reputable crane brand, not a company that is just a fly by night.

#5 – Servicing & Help: Do you supplement onsite maintenance of your cranes?

It would be wise to consider a company that offers some kind of maintenance or breakdown service as part of their hire contract. What if the crane stops working mid-project? You’ll want the peace of mind of knowing that your hire company will be able to send a technician out asap to get the crane up and running swiftly.

When considering your crane hiring options, be sure to ask all the questions you want to, to ensure you are able to make an informed and educated final decision. Borne from the collaboration of three well-established brands in the crane industry – AngloV3, Castle Crane Hire & Elcon Crane Hire, Concord Cranes is now a company that has collectively over a century’s worth of industry knowledge and experience. We are proudly equipped with a fleet of over 180 cranes ranging from 7t to 750t. We welcome questions being asked of us as it gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the values and ethos of our company.

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