Using an All Terrein Crane

Why You Should Choose All-Terrain Cranes

If versatility is your main priority when deciding on what type of crane to use for your heavy-lift project, then it’s probably best to consider buying or renting an all-terrain crane. These heavy-duty workhorses are designed to be as versatile as you need them to be, with the ability to operate just about anywhere with ease.

In this blog, we take a deeper look into all-terrain crane features and the top five reasons for choosing a mobile all-terrain crane. For any more information you might need on all-terrain cranes; their specs and features, contact the crane hire and rigging specialists, Concord Cranes, today.

5 Reasons To Choose All-Terrain Cranes

Most of our customers have a few boxes to tick when deciding what crane would best suit their project needs. Performance, safety and cost are often at the top of their checklist, and for good reason. Looking at all-terrain cranes, you’ll get all of this and more on your worksite when you choose a good quality mobile crane from Concord Cranes today.

#1 – All-Terrain Cranes are Versatile

Thanks to their ability to take on jobs in just about any kind of work environment, all-terrain cranes are considered one of the most versatile machines in the business. From wide-open construction sites to built-up urban areas, all-terrain cranes can be used for a variety of tasks, including construction, transportation, and demolition

#2 – Ease of use

All-terrain cranes offer excellent manoeuvrability and are known to be easy to operate. They can be moved around quickly and are renowned for their all-around stability.

#3 – Safety features

Safety is paramount when working with any kind of crane. All-terrain cranes are designed with a number of safety features included that make them incredibly safe to operate. At Concord Cranes we only stock industry-leading brands that have met the highest quality and safety standards possible.

#4 – Capacity

Not only are all-terrain cranes easy to operate and manoeuvre, but they offer performance lifting capabilities too. One of the most important all-terrain crane uses is that they are designed to handle large loads, making them ideal for heavy-duty jobs.

#5 – Cost-effective

All-terrain cranes are very affordable for the type of performance they offer. At Concord Cranes, we offer all-terrain cranes at competitive prices for sale and for hire.

Why Choose All-Terrain Cranes for Construction Sites?

When it comes to construction sites in particular, what makes all-terrain cranes useful machines on these types of work sites? Apart from their power, there are a few main reasons why construction project managers want all-terrain cranes on their construction sites:

The versatility of these crane types means that they can handle just about any kind of terrain they are presented with. When it comes to construction, no two sites are the same and there are often difficult and sometimes unpredictable factors that influence the site. All-terrain cranes can manoeuvre and work easily in many different kinds of sites from rough, outdoor spaces to tight, built-up areas.

The all-terrain chassis that these cranes are designed with, enable them excellent mobility. So when a construction team needs a crane to be able to work on several different sites and be able to move on public roads in between then, the chassis of the all-terrain crane is built to be able to do just that; access both uneven sites and drive on public roads.

Heavy load Lifting Capabilities of All Terrain Cranes

Lifting of bricks, steel, cement, pipes, windows and other large construction loads are no match for all-terrain cranes. In the Concord fleet, we have all-terrain cranes with varying telescopic boom lengths and between 2- and 9-axle designs that can handle a range of power lifting applications at varying working heights.

All-terrain cranes are used in the majority of large construction projects across South Africa because of these reasons. They can be trusted to deliver high performance, heavy lifting and mobility to construction teams every time. All-terrain cranes are also a popular choice of heavy-lifting machinery for industries like maritime, renewable energy and petrochemical too.

At Concord Cranes, we have over 80 all-terrain crane machines to choose from varying from the smallest 30T crane to the largest 800T crane, depending on your construction project and requirements. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your all-terrain crane needs. We guarantee that we will have a crane to suit your project application and your budget today. Choose Concord Cranes today.

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